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Diacure (Sugar Free) Plus
No Side Effect & No Contraindications

Diacure (Sugar Free) Plus is 100% Natural Herbal formulation to prevent from diabetes, controls sugar levels and restores pancreatic functions.

Suggested Serving
  • Two Tablets twice a day at meal time with warm water.
  • Children (5 to 10years) One tablet crush and take with honey once a day.

Sugar Free
Clinical Trial


In patients with no insulin dependent diabetes mellitus the diseases can usually controlled with diet and oral hydrogenise agents like suiphonylurea and biguanides for approximately 10-15 years after diagnosis for diabetes. After this period a stage of secondary failure to oral hypoglycemic agents is reached and most patients require insulin injections. in this study, is a report to show the usefulness of herbal / ayurvedic preparation diabetic in niddm patients with secondary failure of oral hypoglycemic agents. .


The study group comprised 50 niddm patients history with secondary failure to respond to oha, a detailed history with due references to dietary habits, physical activity, genetic factors, psychological features etc was noted. A through physical examination with recording and relevant biochemical investigation like fasting and post prandial plasma glucose measurements were made on a monthly basis while the glycosylated hemoglobin, insulin measurements and c-peptide assay were done at baseline, after 3-6 months of the trial. The patients were divided into four groups. The dose was used two capsules thrice a day for 6 months. In order to get postprandial measurements (taken at 100 minutes) and also to provide a standardized stimulus for the stimulated insulin and peptide measurements.

I < 30 5
II 30 - 40 10
III 40 - 50 20
IV > 50 - 60 15


Of the 50 patients who entered the trial, there was a decrease in both fasting and post prandial plasma glucose levels but only latter reached statistical significance there was significant decrease in the glycosylated hemoglobin level at the end of 6 Weeks without manifestation of and adverse effect. There was a so significant change in body weight, blood urea, serum creatinine or the hemogram profile by treatment of diabetic.


This the study reports on the ant diabetic effect on diabetic, an herbal product in niddm patients with secondary failure to oha. There was significant reduction in postprandial plasma glucose levels and glycosylated hemoglobin levels in the drug treated groups.


Herboclub Diacure Plus Two tablets three times a day half hour before mealtime as diet supplement after meal, An herbal formulation significant improvement in the diabetic control of niddm patients with secondary failure to oral hypoglycemic formulation.

During the study period, no side effects were observed.

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