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About Yogi's Herboclub
Our's a professionally managed group of companies engaged in manufacturing, marketing and exports of Herbal healthcare food supplements, Ayurvedic medicines, Herbal extracts, Natural colours and cultivation of high value added medicinal & exotic crops under the flagship of Yogi’s Herboclub.

We are marketing our products in the National & International market. The typical parameters of the process include low process temperature, minimizing the extent of degradable reaction and ensuring no loss of natural properties of the fresh products. Freeze drying offers consistency, shelf life and reliability never before possible in natural products.

The Aim : Service Before Self

At Yogi's Herboclub, We are actively involved-with our customers in the process of herbal changes, for life long health care. We are continuously carrying out research and devlopment on herbal health care product. A part of reguler diet to serve our customers and satisfy their needs for more out of life.

The Manufacturing Process

To begin with, picking up nothing but the Best from what the Mother Nature has provided, further the precious Herbs, are brought at the works, preserved and prepared for processing by ultra modern low temperature dehydration technique freeze drying under Strict hygienic conditions backed by the team of experienced and qualified Scientists, Technocrats, Food/Herbal Technologists & Ayurveda Vaidyas as a result all the valuable properties of theas fresh Herbs are retained with in the product it self as they are not exposed to contamination at any stage of the whole process. Moreover the Herbs and their extracts etc. which can not be consume directly or are not available round the year but carry high nutritive values for human body are freeze dried and converted in the form of powder and are supplied in the form of capsules, tablets and powders, enabling people to consume them directly as food supplement, a part of their regular diet. Herboclub products being natural food supplement can be used over a long period without any side effects and keeps the human body boosted with nutritive values. These freeze dried Herbal food supplements are a novelty.


Appropriate packaging is necessary for the freeze dried product to reach the shelfs with Colour, Aroma, Natural properties and flavour intacts mother nature wanted them to do for months together. Packing is carried out under climatically controlled conditions.

The Products - (Herbal Food Supplements)

  • Herbal Food Supplements Tablets
  • Herbal Food Supplements Capsules
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