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Uttejana Plus (for Men & Women)
No Side Effect & No Contraindications

Uttejana Plus (for Men & Women): 100% Natural Herbal formulation. 100% Natural herbal formulation a lovers choice for vigor, vitality, enhanced stamina & gernal week ness.

Suggested Serving
  • Two Tablets to be taken with warm milk half an hour before bed time. Those who are old others have lost who have lost vigor and vitality due to mistakes should take two tablets twice a day with warm milk.
  • * In Case of Old People or who have lost their vigor & vitality by any reasons should take two tablets twice a day with warm Milk for 90 days.

Clinical Trial


HERBOCLUB UTTEJANA Plus is unique product of indigenous herbs, medicinal plants, by HERBOCLUB, rarely available on the high altitudes of the Himalayas. Such ingredients found in the crude form are processed through freeze-drying process in conformity with methodology prescribed by the precursors/pioneers of ayurvedic wing of medicinal sciences. The use of HERBOCLUB UTTEJANA Plus yielded most promising and definite results in cases of sexually weak lacking potentially for the purpose. The trial of HERBOCLUB UTTEJANA Plus with the patients affirmed that the duration of the performance is considerably increased if it regularly used prior to the coitus.
HERBOCLUB UTTEJANA Plus provided fresh zeal and new strength to the males of advanced age and also to those who over indulges in sex activity. The trial confirms the fact that the use of HERBOCLUB UTTEJANA Plus is quite effective in increasing libido-the excessive pleasure for either sex. As HERBOCLUB UTTEJANA Plus have no hormones so neither this effective adversely the production of sperms nor stimulate any sort of side effect like other stimulants. No side effects have been observed after its use. Undoubtedly it is a unique natural harmless sexual enhancer.


The patients were grouped in two sets. The first group is comprised of male and female patients with complaints/problems like pre-mature ejaculation. Emission without full satisfaction particularly to the female partner, mild erection, diminished sexual desire, loss of pleasure, functional impotency etc.
In the second set, both the male and females were included who had milder types of sexual problems like exhaustion, psychological sense of weakness and impotency, nervousness prior to the coitus, phobial sense of inability of the either sex partner to satisfy other partner of opposite sex etc.

The patients under trial were advised to take two Tablets daily morning and evening with warm milk. The use of HERBOCLUB UTTEJANA Plus an hour prior to the indulgence has been found very much conductive. Persons suffering from severe sexual debilities like impotency and poor erectile capacity were asked to take two Tablets with warm milk half an hour before coitus. With a view to having high degree pleasure, the patients under trial were intermittently interviewed to report back their reaction of the effect.

The response of the patients obtained was recorded on the 3-point scale.

  1. Most Satisfactory
  2. Satisfactory
  3. Not satisfactory
The clinical observation and findings there on have been shown in the following tables:

Table no.1

Sl. No. No. of patients Sex & age group Complaint Results Cure (%age)
1. 30 Male & Female 21-35 Early Emission, Premature Ejaculation Most Satisfactory 95%
2. 30 Male & Female 36-50 Loss of Libido & Diminished Most Satisfactory 90%
3. 25 Male & Female 51-65 Functional Impotency & Poor Erectile Strength Most Satisfactory 85%
4. 20 Male & Female 66 onwards Sexual Debility & Impotency Most Satisfactory 80%

Table no.2

Sl. No. No. of patients Sex & age group Problem Results Cure (% avg)
1. 25 Male& Female 21-35 Psychological Fear, Nervousness Prior, To Coitus, Exhaustion Most Satisfactory 95%
2. 25 Male& Female 36-50 Diminished Sexual Desire & Early Emission Most Satisfactory 90%
3. 25 Male& Female 51-70 Loss of Libido & Decreased pleasure Satisfactory 85%
4. 25 Male& Female 70 onward Sexual debility & very poor ability Satisfactory 80%


It has been found vide present study that the use of Herboclub Uttejana Plus Tablets preferably an hour prior to the behaviour keeps enthusiastic, active happy and gay after the performance. The results yielded high degree of satisfaction even in the cases of persons of age group ranging from 51-70 years and more. Generally, the poor patients under study, reported that they felt freshness, vitality and vigor during the continued administration of Herboclub Uttejana Plus.


Herboclub Uttejana Plus is The ultimate sexual enhancer and for youth full vigor, vitality, energy, stamina, impotance, depressed libido, sexual weakness in persons of any age and useful in all types of sexual debilities either sex.

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