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Triphla Plus
No Side Effect & No Contraindications

TRIPHLA Plus: 100% Natural Herbal formulation for digestion.

Suggested Serving
  • Two Tablets twice a day at meal time with warm water.
  • Children (5 to 10years) One tablet crush and take with honey once a day.

Clinical Trial


Fifty patients male female with different kind of digestive disorders like diarrhea, constipation, peptic ulcers, gastritis, malabsorption etc were selected a detailed history with due reference to dietary habits, physical activity genetic factors, psychological factors, socio-economic conditions smoking, alcohol, intake etc was noted. A through physical examination with recording and relevant biochemical investigations like blood sugar, mxtest, stool examination for ova and cyst etc was conducted. Patients were prescribed two Tablets twice daily with water after meal over a period of twelve weeks. They were followed up at regular interval of two months to note their improvement, well-being and adverse effects if any.

The Patients were divided into four groups depending on their age convenience of analysis as follows:

Table-1 Age and associated Conditions

Group I Age in Years No. of patients Associated Conditions
I < 15-20 5 Malabsorption syndrome, Diarrhoea, gastritis
II 20-30 10 Gastritis, diarrhea, Lever Urrhosis
III 30-50 15 Cholecystitis, constipation, Peptic ulcer
IV > 50-70 20 Constipation/diarrhea, Cholecystitis, gastritis.


All the patients in group I & 2 have an excellent improvement in diarrhea, gastritis and malabsorption without any discomfort weakness and intolerance at the end of two months. There was remarkable improvement in digestion related problems in the patients of groups 3 & 4 by the end of three months.
During the study period, no side effects were observed.


Herboclub Trifla Plus has natural herbs in a Tablets form that prevent and treat causes and symptoms of an array of digestive problem and autoimmune disorders. It provides you the quality in the diet and thus improves general well being enhancing digestive system to function optimally.


This study confirms that Herboclub Trifla Plus in various type of digestive disorders either solely or as an adjuvant; it’s efficacious and safe in bringing about early improvement in digestive function and its maintenance. Thus digestive system and for improvement of general well being.

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