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Spirulina Plus
No Side Effect & No Contraindications

SPIRULINA Plus: 100% Natural Herbal diet for healthy and active life style. Herboclub spirulina tablet is an excellent herbal food as fat free high-energy diet, natural source of vitamins and minerals for active life style of all ages.

Suggested Serving
  • Two Tablets twice a day at meal time with warm water.
  • Children (5 to 10years) One tablet crush and take with honey once a day.

Clinical Trial


In today’s world there is an increasing concern for individual health. Busy schedules leave little time for exercise, planned meals and sufficient rest. Not, surprisingly almost everyone, from children to busy executives and the aged, supplement their food with tonics and vitamins to ensure a good diet. In such, circumstances, health watchers the world over are enthralled by the discovery of Herboclub Spirulina Plus for the first time there is now available a natural which even in minuscule quantities, provides all the nutrition of a balanced meal.


Fifty patients male and females with muscular weakness and physical weakness mothers were selected a detailed history with due references to dietary habits, physical activities, genetic factor, psychological features socio economic conditions etc was noted. Through physical with weight recording and relevant bio chemical examinations like blood sugar etc was conducted. Patients were prescribed two capsules twice a day with milk. They were followed up at the regular two months interval to note their strength, their well being and adverse effect, if any.

The Patients were divided into four groups.

Table no.1
Group I Age in Years No. of patients Associated Conditions
I < 20 5 Less weight, bodyache
II 20-35 10 Muscular & Physical Weakness
III 35-50 20 Decreased lactation, less strength
IV 50-70 15 Muscular & Physical Weakness, bodyache

Table no.2
Response No. of Patients % of Cure
Complete Response 47 94
Partial Response 3 6
Persistence of Symptom - -
Stopped treatment - -
Not reported for follow up - -


All the patients in-group we had an average increase in weight and reduce body ache without any discomfort, weakness or intolerance at the end of two months. Patient’s in-group II had an average increase in sexual in physical strength. By the end of two months there was remarkable increase in the production of milk in nursing mothers. In-group IV the muscular and physical strength was improved at the end of two months. Overall there was a notable increase in strength of all the age groups without manifestation. During the study period, no side effects in the form of Nausea, Vomiting, Diarrhoea, Skin rash, Giddiness or Dizziness were observed. Majority of the patients had a sense of well-being. The Biochemical parameters like Blood, Urea’s creatinine within normal limits during the course of study.


The multi-modality action of the herbs present in Herboclub Spirulina Plus targets the various factors implicated in loss of strength. The ingredients are highly nutritious value and act as food supplements with tonics and vitamins. To ensure a good diet for the persons. It contains vital nutrients like proteins, glucose, lipids, mineral, lactose and vitamin with immunoglobins like lacto ferine, complement and lysozyme which produces sufficient milk owing to lack of nutritive food, infection or even due to stress factors the main actions the herbs posses complimentary properties that are beneficial for muscular and sexual strength as shown in previous clinical trials.


The study confirms that Herboclub Spirulina Plus in various type of weakness for nursing mother is efficacious and safe in bringing about their strength back and its maintenance. Herboclub Spirulina Plus & improved safety and also reduces serious strength related co-morbidity states.

Herboclub Spirulina Plus is an excellent herbal formulaiton of herbs as fat free high energy diet for active life style of all ages. researches shows that herboclub spirulina plus is very useful in aid and cancer to boost the daily lost energy.

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