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No Side Effect & No Contraindications

HGH5000-F is a 100% Natural Herbal formulation to increase metabolism. HGH5000-F proven to Strengthen & Rejuvenate every cell in your body. HGH500-F is the actual substance that makes up your cell walls. It builds the cell wall, protecting your body from degeneration, toxins and diseases.

As your know, these things begin at the cellular level. This is the most fundamental basis of your long-term health and youthfulness.

Suggested Serving
  • Two Tablets twice a day at meal time with warm water.
  • Children: (5 to 10 years) One tablet crush and take with honey once a day.

Clinical Trial


Herboclub HGH 5000-F Plus (Especially for Females) is unique product of indigenous herbs, medicinal plants, by Herboclub, rarely available on the high altitudes of the Himalayas. Such ingredients found in the crude form are processed through freeze-drying process in conformity with methodology prescribed by the precursors/pioneers of ayurvedic wing of medicinal sciences. Today’s competitive and fast life style subject us to tremendous physical and mental stress and complaints about lack of drive, reduced physical and mental efficiency, poor concentration are nothing usual. The consequences after are fatigue, exhaustion, insomnia depressed mood loss of energy, vigor, vitality and stamina from the body Due to which Meatabolism redces which effects on individual parts of our body like cardic problems, B P disorders, Lever, Kedeny, Mental ability, Joint pains , increases sugar level and Cholesrol, Increases ageing process with skin disorders, wrinckels reduces immeunu syatems.

Herboclub HGH 5000-F Plus

*Boost your Energy Increases Strength!
*Lose weight and Decrease cellulite.
*Increase lean muscle mass and Decrease body fat.
*Reduce wrinkles, sags and protects from anti ageing process.
*Revitalizes hair strength, color and Quantity and nail growth!
*Increase sexual function and vigor!
*Refresh memory, mood and mental energy!
*Sleep soundly and awake rested!
*Help eliminate stress, fatigue and depression!
*Improved Vision, Speeds injury recovery and helps relieve chronic pain!
*Lower Blood Pressure and Improve Cholesterol Profile.
*Strengthen the Immune System.
*Increase Energy and Cardiac Output.
*Turn back your body's Biological Time Clock 10 - 20 years.
*Control Sugar to Live Longer AND Stronger.
*Blood Purifier, Skin and Herpes Problems relief.
*Keep healthy Liver and Kidney and Protects from all types of fevers.

The use of Herboclub HGH 5000-F Plus yielded most promising and definite results to boost the Metabolism, Purifies Blood and protected from unwanted physical problems to live a loner and active life.

The trial of Herboclub HGH 5000-F Plus with the patients affirmed that the duration of the performance is considerably increased if it regularly used prior to the coitus.Herboclub HGH 5000-F Plus provided fresh zeal and new strength to the Females of advanced age and also to those who over indulges in sex activity. The trial confirms the fact that the use of Herboclub HGH 5000-F Plus is quite effective in increasing The Metabolism.


The patients were grouped in two sets. The first group is comprised of both sex patients with complaints/problems like pre-mature ejaculation. Emission without full satisfaction particularly to the Female partner, mild erection, diminished sexual desire, loss of pleasure, functional impotency and problems associated with Low Metabolism In the second set, both the Female were included who had milder types of sexual problems like exhaustion, psychological sense of weakness and impotency, nervousness prior to the coitus, phobial sense of inability of the Female partner to satisfy other partner of opposite sex etc.

The patients under trial were advised to take two Tablets daily morning and evening with warm milk. The use of HERBOCLUB HGH 5000-F Plus TABLETS an hour prior to the indulgence has been found very much conductive. Persons suffering from severe sexual debilities like impotency and poor erectile capacity were asked to take two Tablets with warm milk half an hour before coitus. With a view to having high degree pleasure, the patients under trial were intermittently interviewed to report back their reaction of the effect.

The responses of the patients obtained, this were recorded on the 3-point scale.

  1. Most satisfactory
  2. Satisfactory
  3. Not satisfactory
The clinical observations and findings thereon have been shown in the following tables:

Table no.1

Sl. No. No. of patients Sex and age group Complaint Results Cure (%age)
1. 30 Female 21-35 BP Disorders, skin disorders And Wrinkles, Sexual disorders Premature Ejaculation Liver, kidney Disorders Most Satisfactory 98%
2. 30 Female 36-50 Loss of Libido, Shin Disorders, Mental disturbance, Diabetic disorders, BP Disorders Most Satisfactory 90%
3. 30 Female 51-65 Poor Erectile Strength, Lack of sleep, Mental Stress, Cardiac disorders Most Satisfactory 85%
4. 30 Female 66 Onward Sexual Debility & Impotency, Loss of Memory, Urine Disorders, Skin Disorders Satisfactory 89%

Table no.2

Sl. No. No. of patients Sex and age group Problem Results Cure (%age)
1. 25 Female 21-35 Psychological Fear, Nervousness, Exhaustion, Desperation Most Satisfactory 95%
2. 25 Female 36-50 Diminished Sexual, Desire & Early, Emission, Lack of Confidence Most Satisfactory 90%
3. 25 Female 51-70 Loss of Libido, Joints Pains, Skin Disorders, BP Disorders, Diabetic Disorders Most Satisfactory 88%
4. 25 Female 70 Onward General Weakness, Diabetic Disorders, & poor Mental Ability Most Satisfactory 85%


It has been found vide present study that the use of Herboclub HGH 5000-F Plus Tablets preferably an hour prior to the behavior keeps enthusiastic, active happy and gay after the performance. The results yielded high degree of satisfaction even in the cases of persons of age group ranging from 51-70 years and more. Generally, the poor patients under study reported that they felt freshness, vitality and vigor during the continued administration of Herboclub HGH 5000-F Plus.


Herboclub HGH 5000-F Plus is The ultimate Metabolism Booster and for youth full energy, stamina, general and mental weakness in persons of any age and useful in all types of Physical debilities for all ages.

100% natural, no side or contra effects. And results are excellent.

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